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15 Dec 2016

ARMAGEDDON: Good vs Evil

ARMAGEDDON: Good vs Evil

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Event date: 6/24/2017 - 6/25/2017 Export event

Triggered by a perfect storm of great distress, the world’s problems grow more desperate and impossible every day. Unrest and divide has gripped all nations and the future of the world is undecided. Since WWII, numerous major wars, rebellions, revolutions and conflicts have raged around the globe. Violence, terrorism, atrocities, economic oppression, corruption, famine, and savagery of all kinds are widespread and now humanity is on the brink of disaster and chaos.

The stage is set for an event so cataclysmic it will change the world as we know it. Thousands of prophecies have been told about the future and history has proven an extraordinary accuracy. The world stands on the threshold of these climactic events where conflicts of the past were settled through the cold war conflicts of Global Conquest. Now, the fulfillment of prophecy is imminent and superpowers of the world will clash in “ARMAGEDDON: Good vs Evil” at Hell Survivors on June 24-25, 2017!

Judgement Day is coming. Join Mission Masters and Hell Survivors for a weekend of EPIC scenario paintball FUN & ACTION to decide the fate of the world!

USA (BLUE) Task Force Blue
USSR (RED)Task Force Red
MEC (YELLOW) Task Force Yellow [Middle Eastern Coalition]
EU (GREEN) Task Force Green [European Union]

Don't miss out on the FIRST Mission Masters Scenario event at the LEGENDARY Hell Survivors Playfield!

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