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28 Mar 2017

UNDEAD ISLAND 2: Kuru’s Revenge

UNDEAD ISLAND 2: Kuru’s Revenge

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UNDEAD ISLAND 2: Kuru’s Revenge

It has been two years since the events in the Polynesian Islands on Tupuqua. Dr. Kuru created a virus to reanimate the dead. After a distress call was signaled from the island, a secret special operations group was dispatched to the island to rescue the scientists. When the special operations team arrived, they were not prepared for what was laid in front of them.

After hours of fighting off the hordes and trying to discern exactly what transpired, they came into contact with a survivor who was seeking shelter from the masses of undead. The survivor was able to help guide the soldiers closer to him and to guide the soldiers around the island to restore power and other necessities.

However, once the operators discovered the true intent of Dr. Kuru and unearthed his vicious deeds, they spent their time and resources to develop a vaccine and managed to fight off the undead enough to ruin his plan using a volcano to disperse his bioweapon into the atmosphere. The operators succeeded and prevented a mass pandemic of biblical proportions.

The victory was short lived, when a scout spotted a helicopter approaching the island and intercepted a transmission that Kuru was fleeing. The commander of the special operations group ordered his men to chase Kuru and to capture him to prevent his escape. While Special Ops won the war, they lost the battle - Kuru narrowly escaped the tiny Polynesian island and disappeared. Until now…

After the Tupuqua Island massacre, Dr. Kuru went underground. He fled to Russia for shelter and there he discovered an ancient text in the library of Moscow. A text so dark and evil, that Kuru was not able to grasp the entirety of the transcription. After months of studying and deciphering the text, Dr. Kuru finally realized what he had found. All he needed were test subjects; and with the human trafficking industry abounding in the former Soviet Union states, there would be no shortage of subjects.
Now, Dr. Kuru works in his private lab in the Amazon rainforest on the island of Tupinambarana with over 46 cages filled with various prisoners from different parts of the world.

The Comando Vermelho, the most dangerous organized crime syndicate in Brazil is aiding Dr. Kuru in his research along with protecting him on the promise that he will overthrow the Brazilian government with his “ferocious army” and install a new world order that the Red Commandos will command.

The Red Commandos have been inciting riots and mass hysteria in Brazil for far too long, and the Prime Minister has called in a Special Operations group, fresh from their debriefing of the Tupuqua Island massacre…

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