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13 Jan 2019



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Event date: 6/22/2019 9:00 AM - 6/23/2019 4:00 PM Export event

ARMAGEDDON returns to Hell Survivors for the next showdown of the world’s superpowers: two days, seven authentic missions, many interactive challenges, outstanding props, a new final battle, engaging rivalries, and TONS OF FUN for all ages & skill levels!

ARMAGEDDON… war and destruction on a massive scale.
Triggered by a perfect storm of great distress, the world’s problems grow more desperate and impossible every day. Unrest and divide has gripped all nations and the future of the world is undecided.

Since WWII, numerous major wars, rebellions, revolutions and conflicts have raged around the globe. Violence, terrorism, atrocities, economic oppression, corruption, famine, and savagery of all kinds are widespread and now humanity is on the brink of disaster and chaos.

The stage is set for an event so cataclysmic it will change the world as we know it. Thousands of prophecies have been told about the future and history has proven an extraordinary accuracy. The world stands on the threshold of these climactic events where conflicts of the past were settled through the cold war conflicts of Global Conquest. Now, the fulfillment of prophecy is imminent and superpowers of the world will clash in ARMAGEDDON at Hell Survivors on June 22-23, 2019!

Superpowers include: pdf.tarikhema.org 

USA (Blue)
Command Team: Gypsy Danger (Corey Huys)
Advisory Team: SBD Scenario Paintball Team (Bill Hinderlider)

Command Team: Dominion Paintball (John Logan)
Advisory Team: Soldiers of Chaos (Brandon Paige)

EUROPE (Green)
Command Team: Reload (Michael Irwin)
Advisory Team: The Grassy Knoll Gunmen Paintball Team (Mary Burkhard)

CHINA (Yellow)
Command Team: Mutiny Paintball (Sizzle Nivlac)
Advisory Team: Mad Frog Militia (William Crook)

Our “random allies and enemies” tradition adds great fun & a refreshing twist in the action-packed gameplay for everyone. Alliance colors will be orange & purple.

ARMAGEDDON Champion History:
2017 - Europe (GREEN): Command: Band of Brothers; Advisory: Grassy Knoll Gunmen
2018 - Russia (RED): Command: Soldiers of Chaos; Advisory: Legion of Assassins

Will you and your team survive and secure a place in history? Which superpower will you fight for? In any case, honor, proficiency, focus, and a bit of luck are necessary to prevail!

Join Mission Masters Scenario Paintball Productions at the legendary Hell Survivors Playing Field in Pinckney, Michigan, for a weekend of EPIC scenario paintball FUN & ACTION to decide the fate of the world and to compete for dominance and victory in ARMAGEDDON 2019!

Mission Masters is best known for its unique scenario style, gritty themes, authentic missions, interactive challenges, and outstanding props. BE THE GAME! Come experience it for yourself.

Judgement Day is coming… the Countdown to ARMAGEDDON is ON!

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